We are pleased to be able to share with you how our program can benefit you and your Dance Studio. We have assisted hundreds of Dance Studios through out the United States with their customized apparel needs. We have also helped students raise thousands of dollars to defray the dance expenses that occur during the year, while giving them the opportunity to earn their customized studio apparel. We can design a program especially suited for your needs!

Listed below are the programs we offer:

We offer an exciting customized studio jackets and apparel program. This program enables every student to earn a beautifully customized studio jacket or other apparel items such as; sweatsuits, barrel bags, garment bags, warm-up suits, shorts/top outfits and t-shirts. These items can be embroidered with the studio logo and student name. Once you have chosen the customized studio apparel item, we will set our goal. This program enables every student to receive the customized item with no cost to the student. These items will show off to your community a professional look and the advertisement of your studio. Please click on the apparel area of our website for more information on our apparel program!

Our cash incentive program enables every student from your studio to earn funds for additional classes, competitions, costumes, recitals, conventions, etc. The advantage to this program is that it reduces costs to the students and the parents. This increases enrollment and helps the stars of tomorrow reach their maximum potential today. They love it!

Our combination program combines the benefits of the Custom Apparel and Cash Incentive Programs. One of the major differences in this program is that the goal for the apparel (at no cost to the student) is set on an individual basis. This enables students that want to earn apparel to do so. Students that exceed their goal can use the extra profit for classes, competitions, costumes, recitals, conventions, etc.

All of our exciting programs succeed by using a special pre-order product brochure. Click HERE to view our fundraising product brochures. To begin your program, we supply each student with a Student Cover Letter, Product Brochure, and Order Form. We also offer individual order packing and delivery at no charge. If your studio is interested in receiving additional information

and one of our courteous American Promotions staff members will help you get started with our easy, fun and beneficial program.

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